Sunday, June 8, 2014

Waze and Your TelAway USA SIM card

After a long flight, harrowing experience at the airport and finally getting in your rental car, the last thing that you want to deal with is maps. Luckily, with TelAway USA sims you can use your internet connection to find your way snce our USA data sim cards are plug and play. There are many helpful Applications that you can use to find your way. Waze is a very useful and free Application

Waze - Drive social

One of the advantages of using Waze is that it helps you avoid traffic. 
Simple to use and free! Just put in the address and let the app tell you how to drive.

Additionally, if you prefer you can use your TelAway USA SIM to navigate using Maps which is an App that  comes free with almost any Android phone.

Finally, the internet on your phone can be used to access Mapquest. While it is only a downloadable app for iPhones it can be used as an online map on your phone making navigation easy.

Enjoy your trip!

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