Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December in the USA

December on the East Coast of the USA means that winter is no longer coming but it is here. This means cold weather, hot drinks, and snow.

Here are some must have winter Apps to use with your TelAway USA SIM card.

  • The Accuweather App is a must have for obvious reasons. 

    Before preparing for any situation, you need to know what it is. AccuWeather will tell you the weather in your area and is available for both Android and iPhone

  • When the weather gets cold there is no App that can help you as much as the Starbucks App. 
    Starbucks is the most prolific coffee house in the USA and when it is cold you need a warm drink. The App is available on both Android and iPhone

  • Even when travelling, some nights are just too cold for an evening excursion. In that case there is Seamless

    This App will help you with ordering out when you want to stay in and is available on iPhone and Android!

  • When your snowed in, or it is just too cold to go out, curl up with a good book or a good show. The Netflix App can help you find what you need. 
    This App will take your mind off the rubbish weather and is available for both iPhone and Android!

  • Finally 8tracks as always is a favourite. nothing says winter quite like the perfect winter playlist. 
Also available on iPhone and Android

So now that you have downloaded your Apps using your unlimited internet what will you do for the rest of your trip?