Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas in the USA

It is fun to travel and the USA is a great place to be, but spending the holidays in a foreign country is not always fun. You have your TelAway USA SIM card with you. Here are some fun Apps that will help you enjoy the holidays:

  1. Christmas Tree Maker is a great Free App that allows you to build a Christmas tree anyway that you like!

    It works on iPhone and is fun to use!

  2. We all know that snow is a huge part of the holiday, but weather is a fickle thing, use Aim Snow Balls. Snow is not always available and the snow is sometimes missing. 

    Lots of snowy fun and is free for iPhone!

  3. Christmas radio is for listening to those holiday songs that you love but are not always playing on the radio 

    Get the rockin' with those Christmas tunes! Free for Android!

  4. Fuzzle Christmas is just a fun holiday themed App that is fun to play during this holiday season 

    Enjoy this fun and free iPhone App!

  5. Touchnote the Christmas edition is a great way to send Christmas cards to the family no matter where you are!