Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Snap and upload with your USA sim card

When out on a holiday, one of the most important activities is collecting memories. We do so by taking pictures. Using your TelAway USA SIM you can use your phone to instantly store any pictures or videos online where they will be safe and kept. Didn't order a TelAway SIM card before you left? Click here to order one now.

Photobucket is a quick and free way to do so.

Photobucket image

You can easily choose which photos and videos to upload or even set your phone to upload them on their own!

You then will have access to your pictures from any location across the globe! No more worrying about erasing pictures by accident or losing your phone. The data on your TelAway USA SIM is plenty for uploads of this kind.

Photobucket can even help you enhance your images and even create gif’s!

Snap Style Share

So don’t wait. Before you leave or even if you have already left. Download Photobucket and enjoy knowing that you have nothing to worry about except enjoying!