Thursday, July 17, 2014

WhatsApp Travel Guide

You just landed in the US and are about to place your TelAway USA SIM card into your unlocked phone. The SIM card will help you call people in the US, back home, and keep you connected with your loved ones.

WhatsApp is an App that does the same using the 4G internet connection provided to you by your TelAway USA SIM.

Whatsapp Image
When you place the SIM into your phone and turn it on you will see that you have the ability to make local calls and calls back home. Now you try to activate your WhatsApp and you see this screen

Mobile network Change

If you choose Yes then your WhatsApp will reassign itself to the US number that TelAway provided you with. If anyone sends a message to your home mobile number you will not receive it!

When you choose no your messages are delivered as if you are in your hometown. There is nothing to change!

If you have made a mistake and have already change the number Don't Panic!

Don't Panic 

Go into your WhatsApp and go to Settings.

Choose Account, then Change number.

To do so you will have to put your old SIM in the phone.

Warning! Roaming charges may incur!

 Then place your TelAway USA SIM card in the phone and repeat.

When that is done relax and enjoy your trip!

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