Monday, August 10, 2015

When Will I Get My Number Anyway?

So you received your TelAway SIM card, but wait there are no numbers attached! Where are they?

Before you panic completely, here are some guidelines regarding your numbers.

You have two numbers that will arrive after you order your TelAway SIM Card.These numbers DO NOT arrive with the SIM card. Numbers are delivered via email. 

You local virtual number arrives normally about 5 days before your start date. This again arrives via email. Your USA number has yet to arrive!

No worries! Your USA number arrives up to 24 hours before your start date but normally before then. 

Have more then one SIM?

Each SIM will receive a unique email and each email has the unique SIM number written in it.

Still confused? Take a look at one of our emails to see what it looks like!

Any more questions?

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