Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Protect Your Smartphone

One of the most popular destinations when travelling to the USA or anywhere is the beach. While you can still enjoy the benefits of your TelAway USA SIM card at the beach, you cannot if your phone is destroyed.

Probably the best tip for any beach goer is to protect your phone. While there are many waterproof cases available, the easiest solution would be a ziploc bag. Available in any store these waterproof sandwich bags will protect your phone from both the sand and the water

Keep your phone out of direct sunlight. Your phone heats up when you use it but direct sunlight can cause it to overheat. So keep your phone in the shade so you do not get this warning:

Waterproof your phone!. Sure the ziploc bag is great but better safe than sorry. There are lo-tech solutions such as taping over all of the openings with electrical tape or...

Of course you can always come prepared and buy a waterproof phone to begin with.

Don't forget to use your TelAway USa SIM to upload those beach pics as soon as they are taken!