Monday, August 31, 2015

Uber Alternatives for Your TelAway SIM

Sure Uber doesn't work well on a TelAway SIM. It's prepaid, so all premium numbers will not work. Here are a few alternatives to help you enjoy your holiday.

Lyft - A great service similar to Uber shows you options in the area and connects you with new people while you take a ride.

Curb - A great free App that allows you to order a taxi to your destination, rate the ride, pay via credit card, and tip all via the App.

Sidecar - This is another great Rideshare app. It's a great way to meet local people and get a ride when needed. All cars are GPS traked and all drivers pass background checks!

Shuddle - Slightly different from the rest, Shuddle is a truly novel service. A truly save way to send your child somewhere when needed or maybe just a safe way to get a ride. All drivers are dubbed caregivers and have been thoroughly vetted.

What service do you use on holiday to travel with?