Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 Great Travel Apps

Now that you have the TelAway USA SIM, you can use unlimited data. Let us help you use it properly.

  1. Stay.com is a website that helps you to build itineraries for your trips, offering things such as: Offline maps, and guide creations for numerous cities across the USA and the world! It is available for both Android and iPhone

  2. Stay.com

  3. GateGuru is  a great airport App especially when you are travelling with layovers or to several cities. This App can track your flights schedules for you, and tell you how long you have to reach your gate. Additionally, the App helps you find where to eat and what to do you while you wait. It also can help with car rentals in the area! The App is avilable for both Android and iPhone

  4. iExit is a very useful App especially when you are planning to drive in the USA. Due to the lengthy stretches of roadway you may find yourself searching desperately for service stations. This App can help you out! Not only can it hepl you find excellent service stations, eateries, and rest areas, it can even help you find lodgings in the area and help save some money. This App is available for both Android and iPhone.

  5. MenuPages is exceptionally useful when you have a hankering for your favourite food but being in a foreign country have no idea where to look. It shows you the menus at local restaurants and can even show you how much your favourite dish will cost! Available for Android and iPhone

  6. Roadtrippers is an App built for building roadtrips! Just put in your destination and what you are interested in seeing and it will build you a appropriate course! Available for both Android and iPhone
What travel Apps do you use?