Monday, March 9, 2015

Trip to the USA

Before your trip, before you have even ordered your TelAway USA SIM card research needs to be done for your holiday.

One great way of researching is seeing what other people thought about the trip you will be going on, or the place you will be staying.

Trip Advisor

One of the best places for this would be Tripadvisor. Not only does Tripadvisor help you book hotels and plan your holiday, they also use user ratings to help you see other user's experiences. TripAdvisor can help you through their forums, user experiences and more!

Lonely Planet

Another great resource is Lonely Planet. This website has categories according what type of trip you will be taking. Whether it be an adventure, a family trip, or for sightseeing purposes. Additionally, it offers a myriad of other options allowing you to choose the right hotels, flights, and even where to eat.

Another great source of information is blogs. A simple Google search will bring up some great options. Here are a few that we found that could help out.

Discover USA
Nomadic Matt