Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TelAway USA SIM Card - A How to Guide

Here are some quick instructions to help you when using your TelAway USA SIM card.

After you have ordered and swapped out your SIM card, now you need to understand how to use it properly.

With the TelAway USA SIM card you are able to get excellent reception, but like any other cell phone provider there are few areas where reception is not at its best.

This can cause slower internet on your phone, and it might temporarily disable calling and texting. This usually only happens in poorly populated areas where there are not as many cell towers.

As you can see here, New York City has very good reception:

Tmobile Coverage Map NY

To view T-mobiles coverage map please click here.

When dialing or texting within the United States make sure you enter 1-area code-number and then press send.

For example:
1-646-525 -1122

When dialing internationally make sure you are dialing with the exit code for the US (011) - the country’s country code (ex: U.K. 44, AU 61) - then the number without the first zero of the number.

For example:


When sending an international SMS make sure to enter the international number the same way. If using the exit code 011 does not work try dialing with a plus sign instead.

For example:

To receive calls or texts from within the U.S. tell them to dial your number with a 1 before the area code.

For example:

1-646-525 -1122

If you have a Telaway SIM you can have people reach you through your virtual number. When some one is sending you an SMS from outside of the U.S. 

They cannot send a SMS to your virtual number! 

They should enter the exit code from the country from which they are sending the SMS then 1-area code-number.

If they were sending an SMS from the U.K. they would enter 001-646-525-1122.

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