Monday, March 16, 2015

Customers Respond

Travelling to the USA was a dream, but I never had the time for a proper holiday. When I made the decision to travel my spirits soared. My employers were generous and allowed me a months leave so that I may finally see what The Americas were all about.

After weeks of planning I had nearly all of my plans completed. I had sat with travel agents and found a reasonably priced flight that would depart from Heathrow and land at JFK Airport.

From there I spent days searching the internet to help me find places to visit and maximize my holiday. I planned to spend 7 days in New York City before travelling south to Florida. 

Having the time, I decided to enjoy a good American road trip and drive from New York to Miami. I mapped out the routes and marked lodgings and interesting eateries. After all of my planning I was ready to fly.

But I had made a mistake, a mistake that I would only realize after my return to Britain. 

When I returned from America I felt exhilarated all of my planning had paid off and the majority of my trip was smooth without any real bungling. 

About a fortnight after my return the problems began when I returned home and checked my post. 

One letter was particularly thick and was from my mobile phone provider. Before I departed I spent some time signing up for all the appropriate add on bundles that my provider offered and was very strict, regarding my usage. 

 Apparently, despite my frugal usage I did not realize how much I had used both the minutes and the data. 

It was only on my second trip that I discovered the TelAway USA SIM card which saved me literally hundreds of pounds! In addition, unlike during my first trip I had a local number to give out to the airlines, hotels, and restaurants. I was able to stay in contact with my loved ones back home and not worry about how much it would cost.
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So thank you TelAway for completing my trip. Once I put the SIM in my iPhone it worked and the rest was just worry free enjoyment (this time on the West Coast) 

Amy P.

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