Thursday, March 19, 2015

Customers Respond At&T

I just returned from my trip to the USA and truly enjoyed my TelAway experience. I had unlimited calling in the USA and back home (landlines and mobiles), unlimited internet, unlimited SMS, and to top it all off a local UK number! While TelAway's service was superb, what I enjoyed most was the local number. I was available throughout my trip for my friends and family back home in the UK!

To truly understand allow me to explain. On the trip before this one I used an At&T SIM at the suggestion of some work colleagues. The process was quite simple. I ordered a basic SIM card Kit online for only $10. I then had to activate it via At&T's website and I put on a $60 plan and added an additional $10 for call back home to UK landlines. All the plans were for thirty days and nothing included UK mobiles. My plan now included unlimited calling in the USA, unlimited SMS, 4Gb of 4G LTE data, and unlimited calling to UK landlines and it only cost $79 after tax.

Not discouraged, I ignored the foreign exchange fees that were charged to my card, I had my new number. Excited that I had managed to order my SIM so far in advance I could not wait to give out my new mobile number. As I did so the questions began, my friends and colleagues were unsure of how to dial my USA number or how much it would cost.

After landing in New York I travelled to Manhattan where my hotel was located. After settling in, I discovered that the SIM did not work nor were there any instructions to assist me. I spent some time reaching their customer service; turns out it was a simple fix but I could have done without the hassle.

After that it worked great! I did not have to pay the massive roaming bills that I had had on my previous trip.

There were two major issues that were solved by TelAway.

  1. Using At&T I had add an additional $20 to add mobile calling. I was constantly checking my minutes and topping up
  2. I had no loacl number, people back home either could not reach me or had to get calling cards.

TelAway is truly the most user friendly and hassle-free way to go!

Clara O.