Monday, March 23, 2015

Getting around New York City

After arriving at JFK airport and checking into your hotel in Manhattan, you will discover quite quickly that transportation in the city is not the easiest. Sure there's the subway and the public buses but New York is most famous for it's taxis.
While stopping a taxi in the city is not normally an issue sometimes dealing with the American money or even having enough on you is problematic.

That is where Get Taxi comes in.
Get taxi logo

Get Taxi is an amazing App that works in the city. After putting your TelAway USA SIM card into your phone you should download the App

After downloading the App you should fill in the profile information including your credit card! That's right you can use your credit card and never have to hassle with cash.
Once your profile is updated it's best to upload a picture so that the driver can recognize you. After that, all you need to do is click order taxi.
Order pic

When the driver arrives you will get a message:

You will have their licence plate number and you can even call them with your unlimited calls. 

At the end, the fare is automatically billed to the credit card you put in your profile!

The App itself uses data, and GPS location all of which is included in your TelAway USA SIM card!

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