Thursday, March 26, 2015

TelAway - In Depth

While the TelAway USA SIM Card has very little technical issues, questions arise whether it be before purchase or during use. So we would like to address these issues in a non _FAQ style post to help our customers understand our process better.

What is TelAway?

TelAway provides a local USA SIM card for travellers travelling to the USA. The provider being used in the USA is T-Mobile. T-Mobile is considered one of the top three providers there. In addition to the TelAway Sim card we provide the customer with a local virtual number.

TelAway Flags

Why Do I Need a Virtual Number?

The Virtual Number that TelAway provides allows your loved ones back home to stay in contact with you during your trip. You can even call forward your number to the local number that we provide so that people can reach you as if you are still back home! (SMS will not work to the virtual number!)

 If you do decide to forward your calls it is important to do so before you leave the country as doing so in the USA is not always a possibility.

How Does It Work?

Once you have placed your order TelAway representatives prepare the SIM card to be shipped out. The virtual number will normally arrive via email about 5 days before you land in the USA, while the USA number will be emailed up to 24 hours before your start date. No need to worry the SIM card will work when you land in the USA?

What Can Go Wrong?

Barring an act of god nothing should go wrong. You will receive your SIM card and your numbers will arrive via email. When you land in the USA you replace your current SIM card with the Sim card that TelAway provided and make sure everything works.

Calling back home is done using 011 + country code + phone number

SMS back home is done using +country code + phone number

Read more about using your SIM here

If the internet doesn't work, read this article for your iPhone and this one if you have an Android

What do I need to do?

  • Make sure that the phone that you are using is unlocked for foreign SIM cards. You can read more about unlocking your phones here
  • Make sure that the TelAway USA SIM Card works where you are traveling to using this handy reception map
  • Make sure that the phone is compatible with our system which can be checked here
Still have questions? Send us an email to