Tuesday, May 5, 2015

4 Ways to Prepare to Use Your TelAway SIM

Congrats- you've purchased the best SIM for travel within the US!

Here are some tips of what to review before leaving home:
SIM card

1. Take the SIM - Don't forget the dialing instructions, and the pin we send along for removing the SIM tray on iPhones and some Android models.

2. Check out the reception - Our US provider offers a detailed coverage map for what to expect in the areas you plan to visit. Please note that the network signal may be blocked in some airports for security reasons. Once you exit the airport, the service will pick up on its own.
SIM card reception map

3. Ring your provider - Make sure your phone is unlocked for international use. Many phones are unlocked for regional use, but that will not be sufficient in order to be able to use our service.

4. Virtual Number - Each of our SIMs include both a US number and a virtual home number. The virtual landline number will divert calls from your home country to your US SIM, so your contacts back home can reach you without making or paying for an international call. You can either distribute this number to friends and family before you leave, or set up call diverts from your own phone.

Generally, the call diverts setting in found under Settings-Call Settings-Call divert. Before departing from home and removing your own SIM, enter the virtual number we have emailed you, and from that point forward, your calls will divert to the US line. Then, you can swap your SIM for ours. 

If you've forgotten to do this before you've left home, you will not be able to in the US; even with your own SIM in the phone. You will need to contact your mobile phone provider, and ask they take care of this request for you.

Keep in mind that your provider may charge for call diverts, but the number you will be forwarding to is a local landline number; NOT a US cell phone number. 

With any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at info@telaway.com or call us at 1877-835-2929.

Au revoir!