Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WiFi vs 3G

Why would you use your smartphone when you travel? Seriously you can get free Wi-Fi virtually anywhere, right?

Sure, Wi-Fi is easy to find in the USA. You can get it anywhere you shop, most places that you stay, and even by searching for open Wi-Fi networks in residential areas. Despite the fact that most of people know that Wi-Fi is not truly enough for all over use, people still plan for it when they travel.

When using Wi-Fi only, you are not available when people need you. There is a myriad of VOIP options when trying to call back home over Wi-Fi but none of them are anywhere close to good. The majority of them still have issues with calls cutting out, quality being unsatisfactory, and electronic sounds when speaking.


Additionally, hackers love free Wi-Fi. You may love the free Wi-Fi because it is easily accessible and unprotected, but that is the same reason that hackers love it. Basically, a hacker can place himself in between you and the Wi_fi hotspot and you will unknowingly be sending him your information which he subsequently passes on, but now he has all of your information


Finally, Public Wi-Fi spots are excellent places for hackers to upload Malware, software that can potentially harm your device and gather your sensitive information without your knowledge. 

So on your next trip, take your phone and use a TelAway USA SIM card, that way you will not need to trust any public WI-Fi networks.

What will you be using on your next trip?