Monday, July 13, 2015

3G or 4G is there a difference?

Lot's of companies claim to have fast 4G speeds, but is 4G faster than 3G or is it all a bluff?.

To begin with the "g" stands for generation. Meaning that 4G is a fourth generation phone while 3G is just a 3rd generation device. This does not mean that the phone can surf faster but that the phone is a newer generation model. The "g" signifies newer technology.

For instance when 3G phones appeared in the market it left the old 2G models in the dust. 2G phones could not work on the newer 3G networks while the 3G phones could more than often work on both.
So is 4G Faster or not?

So while 4G does not necessarily mean that the internet will be faster 4G LTE does. 4G LTE generally offers faster upload speeds than regular 3G networks. This means that your pictures,tweets, and videos will upload quicker. 

According to the annual Fastest Mobile Networks by PC Magazine T-Mobile offers the 2nd fastest 4G LTE network in the USA and the fastest 3G network