Thursday, July 9, 2015

5 Foods You must Try in the USA

The USA while not famous for it's own type of cuisine, is known quite well for it's food. using your TelAway USA phone you can find the best American foods to eat.

  1. Without a doubt, one of the foods that make the USA stand out is doughnuts. No matter how you like them Americans will make them and eat them. When in the USA it is imperative to at least have one (although we suggest more). To help you use your unlimited internet to use Doughbot for iPhone. Doughbot will find you the closest doughnut to where you are located.

  2. 7-11 is one of the more iconic stores in the USA, a convenience store which can be found across the country. Unique to 7-11 is the Slurpee. While there may be many substitutes, there is only one Slurpee. Use your internet on your USA TelAway SIM card to download the 7-11 app which can help you find the Slurpee closest to you! Additionally, you can use their App to get free Slurpees! 

  3.  One of the most amazing things that Americans have created is Fast Food. While there is much to say against eating fast food, it is scrumptious. When travelling you may have no choice (hopefully) and will find that you want (need) some McDonald's or the like. HungryNow. The App will help you find the closest Fast Food restaurant and lead you to get that fast food fix and thank the gods that you ordered a TelAway SIM with unlimited internet.

  4. Food Trucks are fun, dynamic and tasty. When on holiday there is no way for you to know anything about food trucks. Luckily your unlimited internet can allow you to download food truck Apps! Any of these Apps can help you find food trucks in your area! Here's the list