Monday, November 9, 2015

Alternate Methods of Communication

In this modern day we can stay connected in more ways than just one. Talking is overrated, and most of us just don't have the patience for it. Using a TelAway SIM during your travels you can use one of these many alternate forms of communication.

We all want to share our experience and a great way of doing so is using SnapChat. Snapchat allows you to create stories using pictures and allows your friends to follow your travels. It is great for travels or even the day to day. It's a fun and unique way to share

While our attention span dwindles we want more exciting and refreshing ways to share our lives with our friends and family. We want it fast and instantly. A great way of doing so is using Boomerang the new Instagram App.

Try to share and express your feelings with a one second video. It is the ultimate form of communication for an ADD nation. Maybe J.K, Rowling gave us a need for pictures that move; who cares, they're here!

Sometimes we want to say things but just cannot find the words to express ourselves. That is when we need to use other peoples words, whether they be lines from songs, movies, or popular phrases. We all quote other people on a daily basis

Dubsmash is a great way to use other people's words to say what you want to  say while using your mouth to do so. plus it's fun! 

How do you share your travels?