Saturday, April 11, 2015

5 Great Ways to Utilize Your Phone on Your Next Trip

When spending holiday in the USA it's easy to forget how important our Smartphones truly are.

  1. Use it as a GPS - With TelAway's unlimited data plan there is no reason to use a seperate GPS device just download an APP and use that as your GPS throughout your trip. Read more about using your phone as a GPS here.

  2. Use it as a Camera - Yes, most people use their phone as a camera but it can be the best way not to travel with too many electronic devices. Use your phone as your main camera and upload the pictures automatically! the pictures are saved  online and can be shared instantaneously with all your friends and family! Read more about using your phone as a camera here!

  3. Find Attractions in your area - Even the most prepared traveler can find themselves wondering what to do on a nice evening. Don't forget how useful your phone is at finding what to do and where to go. Read more about in here and here.

  4. Know where to rest - There are plenty of Apps that can tell you where to eat and when the next movie is playing but don't forget to use your phone to find out where to take a quick break during your travels or enjoy a nice soft drink. Read a bit more about that here.
  5. Stay in contact - Phones are capable of so much nowadays that sometimes we forget exactly what a phone is for; staying in contact. With your TelAway USA SIM card you can call back home as much as you want and let them call you as well. 

More phone ideas? Tell us all about it!