Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TelAway - Behind the Scenes

Sometimes it's fun understanding the process behind the things we use so here it goes:

TelAway is a SIM card that you order when travelling to the USA.

TelAway Checkout

The order is downloaded into our system and our logistics manager then sends out the SIM card per your start date.

About 5 days before your start date you will receive an email with the local virtual number. This number will allow you to forward your calls locally, or allow people to call you on a local number when you are in the USA.

Up to 24 hours before your trip an activation request is sent from TelAway to the provider in the USA. Once the provider activated the number TelAway receives a notification and the number is then placed in the system and attached to the local number.

You then receive an email with your numbers.

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